Spinal Cord Injury Claims

When a serious accident – construction accident, job-site accident, car accident or other accident – results in a spinal cord injury, the impact is much more than an interruption or inconvenience. People with spinal cord injuries that result in paralysis endure daily challenges. At Central Texas Injury Law Firm, we are here to help clients overcome the physical, emotional and financial challenges that come with a spinal cord injury.

The Neck Injury Lawyer You Choose Can Make a Difference

When you are facing a lifetime of medical expenses, employment challenges, therapy and life care needs, it is essential that you obtain the maximum compensation to which you’re entitled, to accommodate for your future needs. The Central Texas Injury Law Firm is dedicated to fighting for you in a personal injury claim. Contact us to schedule a free initial phone consultation.

Understanding Spinal Cord Damage and Paralysis

If you or a loved one suffered a spinal cord injury in an accident, you may be overwhelmed with information from doctors about cervical injuries, lumbar injuries, neck fusion surgeries and more. This inundation of information is useless when you are still trying to digest those initial words: your legs no longer work; you won’t be able to walk again; your construction accident caused you to be paralyzed.

When you are ready, our firm is here to help you understand your injuries, learn more about the accident, assess your future needs and pursue rightful compensation.

A spinal cord injury frequently is the result of an impact to the neck or spine which causes damage to a vertebra. The spinal cord becomes pinched, bruised or even severed. Because the spinal cord is so vulnerable, any amount of harm can cause nerve damage, preventing signals from being transmitted between the brain and certain areas of the body. Depending on the level of the spinal cord injury, this could result in paralysis of the legs, torso, or arms and hands.

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Whether the accident involved a job site accident – such as falling from scaffolding – or a rollover car accident, the personal injury lawyer at Central Texas Injury Law Firm is here to help. Contact our Austin injury attorney to schedule a free initial phone consultation.

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