Injured in a Texas Hit & Run Motorcycle Accident

ll our top rated Austin Texas motorcycle accident lawyers today if you have suffered injuries in a hit and run accident and are seeking legal advice and representation.

According to Texas Traffic Crash Facts, about 10% of all Texas collisions involve hit and run accidents. Of that 10%, a significant number of those crashes do involve a motorcycle.  Often times, these accidents result in serious or catastrophic injury to the motorcyclist, including traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, knee injuries, broken bones and fractures, and even death.

Many victims of hit and runs often think because the negligent driver that hit them fled they do not have legal rights and may not be able to attain compensation for their injuries or get their medical bills paid.  The matter of the fact is this is not always true and motorcyclist victims do have legal rights and should in fact look into them and pursue them immediately after the crash.

Our investigative team can help assist in identifying the driver or owner of the vehicle that hit you.  Our top rated attorneys can also help you in filing your claims for Texas No-Fault Insurance benefits, which include payment of medical bills, attendant care services, and more, as well as an uninsured motorist claim against your own insurance company.  Uninsured motorist coverage, if applicable, is found on your own insurance policy and helps protect victims who were injured by a driver who was not insured or who has fled the scene.

Unfortunately, hit and run collisions involving motorcycles are much more frequent than when an accident takes place between two cars because of that fact that drivers sometimes do not even realize that their vehicle has actually clipped or hit a motorcyclist on a bike.  Other reasons why a driver may flee is because they are trying to avoid the legal repercussions, both civil and criminal.

No matter what the circumstance is or how the accident took place it is still an unfortunate situation.  It is important that injured biker or their loved ones contact one of our qualified and expert attorneys to discuss their case and learn what type of claims they are eligible to file.  These types of cases have strict time deadlines for filing claims so it is essential that you contact our top rated law firm as soon as possible after the accident. Our Texas motorcycle attorneys have significant experience in these types of cases representing bikers who were injured in a hit and run accident.

To learn more information about your legal rights and for a free, no obligation consultation call today.  We offer a No Win, No Fee Promise which means you do not pay any legal fees whatsoever until we win or settle your case.