6 Important Pieces of Information EVERY Austin Car Accident Victim Should Collect

As an Austin car accident attorney, I’m all too familiar with the fact that thousands of car accidents occur in San Antonio every month. Because so many car accidents occur on Texas roadways, you or someone you know has likely been in a car crash. Fortunately, not all car accidents result in injuries, however regardless of whether or not you feel you were injured in the accident, it’s important to collect the following six pieces of information after ANY car accident, no matter how seemingly minor it may have been:

  1. The other driver’s contact information
  2. The license plate number of the other vehicle
  3. Insurance information from the other driver
  4. Pictures of the accident scene and both cars before the vehicles have been removed
  5. Contact Information for any witnesses.
  6. A police report if any significant damage to the vehicle or you feel you may have suffered an injury.

Amount of Damages

Additionally, if you anticipate that there is more than $1,000 in damage (which, these days is any damage more than mere scratches), our Austin auto accident lawyers recommend calling the police to have a police report generated. This is because insurance companies, including those of an at-fault driver, are more likely to deny that their insured was at fault if there is no police report indicating that their insured was at fault. Thus, without a police report, it becomes a game of “he said, she said,” and insurance companies, who are in the business of posting HUGE PROFITS will deny any claim they can.

Minor Car Accidents

This is why almost any car accident attorney will recommend filing a police report, no matter how minor the accident may have been. In Texas, some police officers will try to have the drivers of the vehicle fill out a “blue sheet” accident report, which is simply each side’s version of what happens but does not contain any objective information from the officer. AVOID this at ALL COSTS! A driver’s crash report is worthless when it comes to proving liability, and if the other driver later claims you were at fault (which they often will after talking to their insurance company), the insurance company will invariably take their insured side, and without an officer’s opinion, your case will be challenging to prove.

Hit & Run Accidents

Undetected Soft Tissue Injuries

It’s also essential to gather the information listed above, especially the police report because in many instances, minor impact soft tissue injuries (also referred to as MIST injuries) can manifest themselves 24 – 48 hours after an accident. Therefore, even if you feel like you’re not injured at the time of the crash, the next day, you may realize that your back, neck, or shoulder need treatment. Without proper documentation, you will probably not have enough evidence or information to be compensated for your treatment.

If you have been injured in a car accident, you will likely have many questions, even if your injuries were minor. Our experienced auto accident lawyers are here to answer your questions, regardless of whether you need an attorney for your claim. Your initial consultation is always FREE, and we offer a “No Fee Guarantee,” which means that if you hire us to handle your car accident claim, you never pay a fee upfront, and we never collect a fee unless we win your case. To schedule your consultation with a skilled San Antonio car accident lawyer, call us.