Catastrophic Injuries

No matter what caused your injury, our personal injury lawyers can help you recover for the hurt, the pain, and the grief caused by catastrophic injuries. Our job is helping people who have suffered a catastrophic injury obtain the compensation they need to recover and put their lives back together. Contact us to schedule a free initial phone consultation with an experienced Texas personal injury lawyer.

The Personal Injury Law Firm You Choose Can Make A Difference

Over the years, our firm has helped many people who have suffered a catastrophic injury return to as normal a life as possible with only the memory of the accident remaining.

Catastrophic injuries include, but are not limited to, the following

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
    Any closed head injury or brain injury has untold, long-term effects on the victim’s daily life. Paralysis, loss of sight or hearing, and loss of memory are just a few of the effects we have encountered in our practice. Many brain injury survivors undergo drastic personality changes and no longer seem to be the same person to their families.
  • Spinal cord injury
    A neck injury, back injury, and even whiplash often cause serious injury to the spinal cord. A spinal cord injury may result in temporary paralysis, permanent paralysis, partial paralysis, or full paralysis.
  • Lower back injury
    Herniated discs can cause more pain than nearly any other back injury. Because a herniated disc is so common, people who suffer from them may be dismissed as complainers. If you have ever had a ruptured disc, however, you know how debilitating it can be.
  • Burns
    Severe burns, including friction burns, chemical burns, and electrical burns, can result in skin grafts, multiple surgeries, and months or even years of hospitalization, medical care and rehabilitation.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    Carpal tunnel syndrome is another malady that doesn’t show on the outside. However, like lower back pain, it can keep people from doing many normal activities.
  • Residual Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)/ Chronic Residual Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
    We find many people dealing with long-term pain because of their injuries. If you have been diagnosed with residual sympathetic dystrophy or chronic residual pain syndrome, email us or call us to discuss your options.

If you have suffered a catastrophic injury because of the negligence of others, do not be in a hurry to settle your case with an insurance company. Talk to us first about the potential long-term effects of your injuries.