Texas Car Seat Laws 2020

Do you know the Texas Booster Seat Laws?

In most states, including Texas, neglecting to take appropriate safeguard measures is taken as a misdemeanor, and is a punishable offense. As a parent, it is essential for you to take care of toddlers, and Texas car seat laws help to do just that.

2020 texas car seat laws

For example, Texas vehicle seat regulations demand that for toddlers less than eight years or shorter than fifty-seven inches, control systems – popularly called vehicle seats – must be appropriately put and made use of according to manufacturer instructions.

Also, kids above eight years or fifty-seven inches need to put in safety belts whenever they are traveling by vehicle.

Other Important Guidelines for Texas Car Seat Laws 2020

The following recommendations issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety are what you need to remember if you have a child in your vehicle.

  • Toddlers less than two years of age or below 35 pounds must consistently be in a rear-facing child vehicle seat.
  • Infants between two to four years of age can sit on the front vehicle seat ascended on the back seat. However, you shouldn’t put your kid in a forward-facing seat if they aren’t yet weighing 20-22 pounds.
  • Infants between four to eight years of age need to be on a booster seat, as they are known to reduce the possibility of a child suffering an injury in a traffic crash by up to forty-five percent. They can sit on an adult lap with a shoulder belt
  • Children who are over four feet nine inches tall need to use the adult safety belt.

Following these recommendations can help children avoid spinal injuries and death.

The Best Child Passenger Safety Practice Recommendations

The Texas government states that as many as four out of five vehicle seats are incorrectly installed, and can lead to serious harm in the event of a vehicle crash.

Swedish researchers believe that with proper measures in place, of the three thousand six hundred and seventy children between one and fifteen years old, the possibility of death would diminish by as much as sixty-nine percent in infants, and forty-seven percent in toddlers.

Here are some useful tips on how to put the child seatbelt in your car.

  • Consistently placing the seat belt on the rear seat of your vehicle.
  • Securing the safety belt straps and ensuring there are no crumples in it.
  • Mounting the base of the vehicle seat at the precise recline angle.
  • Cautiously studyand pursue all the directives offered by the manufacturer.

Tips for Installing the Vehicle Seat Properly

Texas car seat laws 2019 state that you shouldn’t leave kids in a car unattended, because of the threats of a heatstroke. When installing a safety belt, here are a few considerations.

1. Check with a Technician

Once you’ve installed the vehicle seat, have it examined by a technician. There are a couple of things to keep in mind. For instance, a safety belt ought to cross the hips and shoulders but not belly and neck of the passenger.

2. Ensure Your Kid has the Safety Belt On

The Transportation Department of Texas can issue tickets to parents and adults $25 for the first offense, and as much as $250 for the second if they see a toddler not wearing the safety belt.

3. Ensure you Have Your Kid at the Rear Whenever You Can

Infants need to be seated in the rear seat of the vehicle instead of the front, as given the airbag’s location, it may result in head injury otherwise.

Height, age, and weight reflections for child vehicle seat safety

Infant vehicle protection seats lessen the chance of death by seventy percent. Did you know that you can also have a free inspection of the seat in Texa?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that the primary source of death for US toddlers below twelve years was that they weren’t buckled up.

Toddlers need to clutch on their booster seats till they are at least 5 feet tall.

What you need to do in case of a Seat Recall

Every once a while, a car manufacturer recalls a seat due to safety issues. Once you get a notice about an item recall, do not wait to act. Always keep your receipts ready, so that you can make the seat recall claim.

Following these few Texas car seat laws can help keep children safe.