Car Accidents Caused by Poor Maintenance

Vehicle upkeep is one of the responsibilities of owning a car or truck. When you fail to do so you put your own life and others at risk. Consider the following auto accidents.

A light truck that appeared to be traveling with no problems suddenly began to swerve sideways. Other drivers hustled to get out of the way of the hurtling vehicle. It quickly became apparent that the entire right front wheel had disengaged from the truck which resulted in the driver totally losing control.

Meanwhile the wayward tire went flying across the highway and struck a small car. The chain reaction of events that followed left one driver dead and others with an array of physical injuries. All told, eight vehicles were involved in the accident. What caused the wheel to fall off the truck entirely?

According to the driver’s own account the wheel had been ‘wobbly’ for a few days but he just hadn’t gotten around to checking it out.

In another example a minivan came to a complete stop all of a sudden in the middle of traffic. The driver had failed to put any motor oil in it – even though the warning light had been on for days.

The engine simply seized up and stopped. Although the woman was able to get her children out of the van and safely off the road her negligence endangered everyone around her before some good Samaritans stopped to help.

If you own a vehicle take the time to create a maintenance schedule and display it where it can serve as a reminder – and then follow it as a car accident can change lives in seconds.