3500 Fatal Car Accidents in Texas Each Year

Anyone can access the Texas Department of Transportation to access specific information regarding automobile and truck accidents in our state. Unfortunately, the statistics are grim. Recent reports find that there were nearly 3500 deaths in a recent year across the state.

That works out to be one person killed every two and a half hours and an injury every couple minutes. The accidents themselves run the gamut of one car to multi-vehicle caused by everything from distracted driving, drunk driving accidents and more.

Fortunately ownership of cell phones is nearly universal which ensures that emergency services can be quickly summoned to the site of a wreck – a move that could be life-saving for many.

Too, GPS helps police and first responders arrive in less time because this technology provides the most accurate route to the scene. Finally, the average citizen has access to life saving information simply by querying their mobile phone for appropriate first aid suggestions – a more common and level headed approach to help injured persons than most realize.

So, now we know the statistics on injury accidents in the state and also what might be the expected response. The question of how to avoid an accident is equally as important. If you cant avoid the accident and get injured call a Texas personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Keep the following advice in mind when you head out on the roads.

Don’t tailgate. Don’t speed. Don’t change lanes without using your signals. Don’t drive aggressively. Don’t drive inappropriately for the weather conditions. Don’t talk on your cell phone or text. Don’t drive drowsy. Don’t drive drunk. Don’t drive distracted.

Texas Hit And Run Accidents Can Cost You More Than Money

Most drivers know that in the state of Texas that leaving the scene of accident regardless if someone else is involved or not is against Texas state law.

Hit and run accidents involving a pedestrian, or even if the person is in a parked car could be injured and dying. Without immediate aid by contacting 911 an accident could turn in a manslaughter charge, and civilly a wrongful death case.

Simple human decency would dictate that a person not flee the scene of a accident if they were involved, but many panic and try to evade the police from fear of going to prison.

If a pedestrian is hit in the street, and the driver just keeps going, they could spend time in the TDCJ prison system. On the other hand if the driver stops, and tries to help in anyway they can this could lessen or nullify charges completely depending on the severity of the injuries, and the variables surrounding the accident.

Many times persons who flee the scene have no legal responsibility for causing the accident as the accident was the other persons fault.

This also includes stopping and trying to find the owner of a parked car that is hit by another motor vehicle operator, and at least put a note with all contact information under the driver’s side windshield wiper.

The State does not take kindly to having their highway equipment damaged by a motorist, and leaving the scene without calling the police, or the Department of Public Safety at least.

Responsibility is the key in this situation, and one must show that they were not intentionally trying to hit a person, auto, or roadside sign. Sure there may get probation, and fines to go along with these occurrences, but the alternative is long jail sentences, and hefty court fines.

Today there are more and more cameras being installed in public areas, just for this reason, and a person never knows if their collision with a human or an object is being recorded.

Having full video evidence of a hit and run accident will surely make it harder on the accused when it goes to criminal court, and doing the right thing while big brother is watching will be the key to leniency.

Contact an attorney immediately after the accident happens and let him or her guide you in what to do next. Houston has a record number of hit and run accidents and many of them fatal.